Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Vidya Bhavan College Of Commerce


This course aims at providing comprehensive insight to finance, accounting, banking, law, taxation and management.

This course is useful for students who have enrolled in professional courses like CA, I.C.W.A/A.C.C.A., and C.S.

Intake capacity
The intake capacity for F.Y., S.Y., and T.Y., B.Com is of 120 students in each division. College provides the facility of 5 divisions for each class. The college follows the reservation rules as per the government of Maharashtra and the university norms.


a. No Candidates shall be admitted to the First Year of the B.Com. Degree Course (2019 pattern) unless he/she has passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination of the Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education Board or equivalent or University with English as a passing Course.

b. No candidate shall be admitted to the Third Semester examination of the second year unless he/ she has cleared first two semesters satisfactorily for the course at the college affiliated to this University.

c. No candidate shall be admitted to the Third Year B.Com. (Fifth semester) Degree Course (2019 pattern) unless he/she has cleared
all the papers of first and second semester Examination of F.Y. B.Com. and has satisfactorily kept terms for the second year (Third and Fourth Semester) and also fifth semester for the third year of B.Com) satisfactorily in a college affiliated to this University.

Cancellation of Admission and refund of fees:- 
(As per the order dated 24/03/2011 Ref. Number-PUS / 542 dated 17/02/2011)

For candidates who cancel their admissions before the commencement of the course for the said academic year- his/her entire fee (after deduction of processing fee of not more than Rs.1000/-) shall be refunded to the student. If the student cancels his/her admission after the commencement of the course following scheme will be adapted for the refund of total fees:

1. From 1st day to 10 days (the first day is inclusive) 
    from the date of commencement of the course.                             20%of the total fees

2. From 11th to 30th days from the date of 
    commencement (The first day is inclusive) of the course.              40%of the total fees

3. After 30 days (The first day is Inclusive)                                         100% of the total fees


1. Foreign students are requested to contact the Pune University authorities before they contact the college for admission.
2. No Foreign students will be granted admission to the college if he/she does not possess a Student’s Visa, residential permit & medical check-up, certificate.
3. Foreign Students will have to abide by the rules laid down by the Pune University & College authorities.

Medium of instruction
The medium of instructions for B.Com Programme shall be English.

Objectives of B.Com. Program:
1. To develop conceptual understanding the fundamentals of financial Accounting, business economics, Communication skill through various languages, Cost and Works accounting, Banking and finance, Entrepreneurial skills, Marketing, Principles of management, Business laws, Advanced Accounting and taxation aspects, Economics and mathematical skills etc. required to cater the requirement of the emerging Business world.
2. To impart the various skills like accounting skills, managerial skills, communication skills and to make overall personality development of the students, through practical approach and exposure and make them competent enough to face the global challenges in the contemporary business scenario.
3. To develop among the students the qualities of an entrepreneur and make them equipped to formulate modern business strategies.

Course Structure:
The B.Com Programme is a three-year full time undergraduate program.
The details of the courses are provides as under


  1. Compulsory English
  2. Business Economics (Micro)
  3. Accountancy
  4. Commercial Mathematics and Statistics
  5. Optional Group: Business Entrepreneurship
  6. Optional Group:
    a. Office Management
    b. Banking and Finance
  7. Modern Indian Languages: Additional English


  1. Advance Accountancy
  2. Business Economics (Macro)
  3. Business Communication
  4. Optional Group:
    a. Banking & Finance I
    b. Business Administration
  5. Organisation & Management
  6. Business Entrepreneurship I


  1. Mercantile Law & Industrial Law
  2. Advanced Accountancy
  3. Indian Economy and Economics problem of Maharashtra
  4. Business Administration-II 
  5. Business Administration-III
    Banking and Finance-II
    Banking Finance-III

Internship Programme:
The students who have sought admission to the semester V & VI of T.Y.B.Com. under Choice Based Credit System need to undergo ‘Internship Programme’. The internship programme is compulsory.
The internship is of four credits and eighty marks.
A student has to complete an internship in the special subject that he/she has opted for in S.Y.B.Com.

Syllabus 2019, please refer this link......

Eligibility Requirements:
Students migrating from other Countries/Universities/Boards either from the State of Maharashtra or from outside Maharashtra State will be admitted provisionally in the college on production of an eligibility certificate. Admission will be treated as provisional until the ‘eligibility’ is cleared. For this purpose, the students will have to apply in the prescribed form of eligibility certificate along with the following certificates in original (and a photocopy thereof)

a. Passing Certificate
b. Statement of marks
c. Migration Certificate from previous Country / University / Board
d. Character Certificate
e. Transfer Certificate from the Principal of the previous college.

The students have to pay the prescribed fees. The responsibility of obtaining an Eligibility lies with the students themselves, failing to which, a student will not be allowed to appear for the final examination and a student’s provisional admission will be treated as cancelled.

The college will however provide necessary guidance. The above rules of Eligibility apply to all students admitted to Post Graduation Classes also. No candidates shall be admitted to enter the First Year of the B.Com Degree Course unless he/she has passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination of the Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education or any other equivalent recognized board with English as a passing subject. Medium of instructions

The Medium of Instruction is English.