Principal Desk

The Poona Diocesan Educational Society's

Vidya Bhavan College Of Commerce


“Education is a shared commitment between great vision of management, dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.”- Bob Beauprez.

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to take an initial peek into the heart that beats behind the appealing façade of Vidya Bhavan College of Commerce established in 1983. I thank you for your interest in this exceptional institution which has recorded nearly four decades of constant development, in the course of which it has accomplished much, making it one of the colleges recognized for its excellence and therefore, much sought after by the fresh applicants. It primarily intends to nurture the shelved potential in students providing an ideal platform for them to channelize their creative outbursts and lend expression to their thoughts and views on various aspects in a serene manner.

Our Institution believes that the purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows, and as such are focused not only on pure studies but also on providing the opportunity to each student to explore his or her own capabilities and their area of interest - curricular, co-curricular, or extra-curricular. We aim to develop soft skills that will equip them to manage and lead the varied opportunities and challenges of society with an added edge. We also cater to provide education at an affordable cost for strengthening students from the poor communities to be abreast with the current education system. The empowerment of women is essential for the creation of an equal and enriched society and education is indeed a powerful tool to achieve this objective. We, at our college, thus aim at developing self –reliant, conscientious women by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to create a strong identity for themselves, in the world which is reshaping itself at an unprecedented pace with the dominance of globalization and technology.

We believe that the complete development of a student into a holistic person requires the active participation of the parents too. Thus, the institution is in constant touch with parents informing them about the performance of their wards through correspondence and dialogues. I trust that as you peruse the pages on this website, you will gain some useful information about our educational programs and other activities, that will inspire you to join us.

Our management has excellent visionaries in field of education with the special motive to serve the poor and needy to uplift the status of needy people. PDES’s eminence lies not just in the academic success of its students but also in their all-around personality and an enhanced sense of maturity at a young age.

It gives me immense pride to acknowledge the contribution of all the members of teaching and non-teaching staff in various endeavors undertaken by the college. Together we plan to reach excellent landmarks in future.

Dr. Saroj Hiremath


M.Com, M.Phil., MBA, Ph.d